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We have several A+ or A Best Rated insurance companies available to shop for the best fit for each vessel owner and their needs. Our staff can explain the difference between Actual Cash Value or Agreed Value forms and why you might choose one over the other. All forms are not the same and you should want to understand exactly how your coverage would respond if and when a loss should occur.

With the depth of the agency’s personnel, the yacht and boat department enjoys expertise that is invaluable in assisting our customers with claims, adjusters, surveys, repairs, and other marine related issues for which a boat owner might need advice. It isn’t just about price and selling a boat policy here at Blackadar Marine. We are an agency who takes pride in being available to answer questions and provide friendly, dependable service for our customers. Heather Davis, along with Debbie Fournier make up our our excellent Recreational Marine division. You will always get a “real” person to talk to when you call not an answering robot or recorded message.


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